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(For an explanation of the Table, see -nce - -nts

abstract noun approx meaning adjective/agent approx meaning Notes
abhorrence detestation, loathing, hatred abhorrent detestable, loathsome, hateful There is more detail available.
accidence 'grammar of word-endings' accident 'unforeseen event' see more detail
acquiescence 'agreement in something',
'complicity or acceptance'
acquiescent 'agreeing to', 'complicit in', 'accepting of' can be of s.th. with which one may not be fully in agreement
adolescence 'becoming adult',
'the state between childhood and maturity'
adolescent 'person approaching adulthood'
affluence 'wealth' affluent 'rich', 'well off' In older English, often the more etymologically correct 'flowing towards'
ambience 'the surroundings', 'environment' ambient surrounding (adj.) ambient is rarely a noun
ambulance vehicle for the sick ambulant 'walking [wounded]' Lat. ambulare 'to walk'.
assistance 'help' assistant 'helper' see more
attendance 'the state of being present' or 'record of being present' attendant 'one who waits upon someone'; 'a servant'
belligerence 'aggressiveness', 'readiness to fight' belligerent adj. 'ready to fight', 'aggressive'; n. 'a combatant', esp. state in a war homophone confusion possible: belligerence/belligerents
The state of being at war is belligerency.
beneficence 'doing good', 'performing charitable work'
'state of doing good'
beneficent 'doing good', 'charitable', 'having good effects' See also benef-
benevolence 'mood of wishing others well ',
benevolent 'well-wishing', 'kind' See also benef-
brilliance 'the state of being brilliant' brilliant (1) shining bright; (2) very clever A brilliant (noun) is a diamond.See more detail
complacence 'self-satisfaction', 'smugness' complacent 'feeling pleased with oneself' See more detail
complaisance 'obsequiousness', 'the desire to please' complaisant 'being [over-]polite', (colloquially) 'greasy' See more detail
compliance 'state of obeying [the law, etc]' compliant 'in obedience to or observing' the law, etc compliant is rarely a noun. For another spelling error, see Complaint - compliant
co-incidence (of events) 'a happening together by chance' co-incident [adjective] co-incident either describes 'chance happenings at the same time' or, usually, is a technical term in mathematical and physical sciences.
concupiscence 'bodily, or sexual, desire' concupiscent 'lustful', colloquially 'randy' the noun 'concupiscent(s)' is rare
convergence 'the condition of approaching', 'coming together'
fig. 'tendency to become alike'
convergent 'coming together' fig. 'conventional', 'like other people'
dependence 'state of depending on' s.th. or s.o. dependent someone who depends see also Dependant - dependent
difference 'the quality of not being the same' different [adjective] 'not being the same' differents hardly exists in English
dissidence 'disagreement' partic. with those in power dissident someone who disagrees
evidence 'factual proof', 'witness' (noun) evident (adj) 'obvious', 'clear' evidents hardly exists in English
impatience 'state of not being patient', 'lack of calm' impatient [adjective] aee also Patient
incidence a 'falling upon something'; 'rate of occurence of some phenomenon' incident 'an event', 'a single occurence' of s.th In optics, the falling of [a ray of] light upon s.th.
independence 'freedom from control', 'NOT being dependent on' independent adj, OR 'a person who is free', 's.o. who supports herself'
patience 'quality of being patient, calm' patient [adj] OR s.o. being treated for ill-health see also patient, and passion, with which patient is linked etymologically.
penitence 'state or feeling of regret or guilt' penitent 'person who feels penitence', spec. one who parades sin in Roman Catholic countries. Also adjective
presence 'state of being here' present 'here in person' present has many difficulties. Go to present
superintendence 'action of superintending, or overseeing' s.o. or s.th. superintendent person who superintends