Aln - Alne

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Don't confuse the two homophones Aln and Alne - confusingly, rivers in England with names which sound the same, and share the derivation, but are spelled differently to distinguish them. They are pronounced 'AWLN', IPA: /ɔːln/. They originate from a Celtic word Alaunos, which means 'very white'.

  • In Northumberland, there is a River Aln, which has given its name to the towns of Alnwick and Alnmouth.
  • In Warwickshire, there are two villages, Great Alne and Little Alne, which are named from their river, the Alne - with final '-e'. There is also an Alcester, 'Roman fort on the river Alne', and, confusingly, a Roman site (no longer inhabited) nearby, at Alchester - with the same derivation.