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Aloysius is a male forename, pronounced 'al-oh-ISH-es', IPA: /æl əʊ ('or ə) ɪʃ əs/. It is mostly, if not exclusively, used by those baptized in the Roman Catholic church. There is an Irish equivalent, Alaois.

Etymological note:the origins of Aloysius are not clear. Hanks, Hardcastle and Hodges (2006) suggest that it may be a "a Latinized form of a Provençal version of Louis"; Withycombe (1950) has no suggestions, although she posits that Aloysia, while it may be a feminine form of Aloysius, may also be a Latinized form of an old Germanic name Helewise, meaning 'hale' (healthy) and 'wide'. This was quite common in the 12th and 13th centuries, but then ceased to be used in England until its revival in the French form Hélöise, also - but differently - Latinized as Eloisa