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Don't confuse the homophones Aran, Arran and, less common, Arun. All are pronounced with the stress on the first syllable, whose vowel is that of 'at'; the second vowel is the indeterminate schwa: IPA: /ˈær ən/. All three are primarily place-names.

  • Aran is, in the British Isles, primarily the name of the Aran Islands, three islands at the mouth of Galway Bay, half-way up the west coast of Ireland. Their traditional way of life was the subject of a famous - and controversial - documentary film of 1934 called Man of Aran, filmed by the American Robert J. Flaherty (1884-1951).The British Aran is a rendering of the Erse Árainn, 'of the ridge'.
    • The spelling Aran is also used for
      • a river in France
      • various mountains in Wales
      • an administrative district of Catalonia
  • Arran, in the UK, is the name of an island at the mouth of the Firth of Clyde. on the west of Scotland (The name may represent the British aran, 'high place', probably referring to its central mountain, Goat Fell (873.5 metres (2,866 ft) high).
    • Outside the UK, Arran was used as a name for Caucasian Albania, and was the name of the first governor, although both Arabic and Persian have names for the territory that can be transliterated as Arran.
  • The Arun is a river in Sussex. Its origin is a back-formation from Arundel.