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The proper noun Arundel is primarily the name of a place. The first of these was in England (West Sussex), and gave its name to several settlements in colonies of the former British Empire, as well as to several titles in the British peerage. This original Arundel is pronounced with the stress on the first syllable, which has thew vowel of 'cat' and 'that': 'ARR-en-dle', IPA: /ˈær ən dəl/.The settlement in Maryland, in the United States, is pronounced with the stress on the second syllable: 'er-RUN-dle', /ər ˈʌn dəl/.

Etymological note: Arundel is mentioned in Domesday Book (1086), as Harundel. This spelling shows that in Old English, where hāre hūne was the name of a plant now known as horehound, the place was known as the "Valley where the plant horehound grows". The river-name Arun (see also Aran - Arran - Arun is a back-formation from the place name.