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This is a bibliography page, concerning a work to which reference is made elsewhere in this guide.

Bailey, Nathan (1724) An Universal Etymological English Dictionary, Oxford, OUP, digitised 2007 "The second edition, with large additions". [available (2008) from[[1]].]
This very popular work was one of Dr Johnson's sources, and was admired among others by William Pitt the Elder (Earl of Chatham) and Abraham Lincoln. The first volume originally appeared in 1721: a second volume came out to make the '3rd edition'
Bailey, Nathan (1727) The Universal Etymological English Dictionary: in two parts: containing , I. An additional collection 1. Of some thousands of words not in the former volume, with their etymologies and explications ... 2 Of a considerable number of terms of art, in anatomy ... II. An orthographical dictionary, shewing both the orthography and orthoepia of the English tongue ... Vol. II, London, T. Cox. The British library on-line catalogue has this "General note": "Intended as a supplementary volume to Bailey's An universal etymological English dictionary, first published in 1721. Pt. 2 has a separate titlepage reading An orthographical dictionary ... Vol. II.".
Bailey's Dictionary outlived its author, who died in 1742. More and more editions were published, from the 4th in 1760 to the 22nd in 1773.