Beautify - beatify

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Do not confuse the two verbs beatify and beautify. There is only one letter of difference, but their contexts are far apart.

  • To beautify (pronounced like 'beauty', from which it is derived 'BYOU-tiff-eye', IPA: /`ˈbjuːt ɪ (or ə) faɪ/) means 'to make beautiful'. It is a word most often used in the cosmetic and beautician trade.
  • To beatify (pronounced with four syllables, 'bee-AT-if-eye', IPA: /`ˈbi ˈæ tɪ faɪ/) is a word largely restricted to religion, and in particular to the Roman Catholic church. It is part of the process whereby the Church recognizes the special merits of Christians who have died. Its literal meaning is 'to make blessed', and in practice it means that The Pope proclaims a meritorious person blessed. See also Canon (religious).