Benefit (verb)

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There appears to be a growing confusion over how best to spell the inflections of the verb 'to benefit'. (See also Consonant doubling.) The Oxford Dictionary of American Usage and Style says that benefit, vb., makes benefited and benefiting in AmE, benefitted and benefitting in BrE", whereas On-line Fowler, the usage guide to British English (from the same publisher), says that the verb 'to benefit' "has inflected forms benefited, benefiting, with one t not two." OED agrees. On-line Merriam-Webster gives the forms as "benefited also benefitted [and] benefiting also benefitting.

AWE can only suggest that students listen to their teachers, and follow their prejudices.

Benefited is one of the 117 mis-spellings listed as 'Common difficulties' in the section on 'Spelling' within 'Writing' in UEfAP.