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A bounder (pronounced 'BOWN-der', the first vowel being that of 'how' and 'brown', IPA: /ˈbaʊn dər/) in its most recent use (already old-fashioned) is a slang term meaning 'a cad', 'a person (nearly always male) who behaves in ways that seem to the speaker to be boisterous, or appropriate to a class lower than that to which the speaker feels himself to belong', 'a person of rough or uncouth manners', 'a noisy outsider'.

  • This is derived from the older use of bounder as a slang name for the sort of four-wheeled horse-drawn cab that used to rattle and bounce over cobblestones and other rough roads - one that used to bound over the road, very uncomfortably for the occupants.
  • There is an even older (now archaic) use of bounder, from a different root (see also Bind - bound - bounded) meaning 'someone who marks, or sets, the boundaries or limits of v piece of land'.
    • Sometimes the word was even corrupted, by influence of the obsolete boundure 'a limit or bound' to mean the boundary itself.