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This page is a working page. It holds a diminishing copy of the homophones listed in the ninth list of homophones printed by the then Poet Laureate Robert Bridges in the second "TRACT" of the Society for Pure English (London, OUP, 1919). This ninth list is headed “The following words were not admitted into the main class [i.e.], chiefly on account of their unimportance.” They are listed here in AWE chiefly for historical interest, as demonstrating some of the changes in English over the last century and more.

Our aim should be in accord with our aims in our articles on Bridges' other lists: that an article which has been written on an item in this (working) list, that article should be entered in the 'Bridges IX category, and the corresponding entry in this list be deleted,

List IX:

ah! – are

arse – ass

ask – aske (newt)

ayah – ire

bah! – bar – baa

barb – barb (horse)

bask – basque

barn – barne (= bairn)

budge – budge (stuff)

buff – buff

buffer – buffer

bin – bin (= been)

broke (v. of broker) – broke (fr. break)

broom – brume (fog)

darn – darn

fizz – phiz

few – feu

forty – forte

hay – heigh!

hem (sew) – hem (and haw)

hollow – hollo (v.)

inn – in

yawl (boat) – yawl (howl)

coup – coo

lamb – lam (bang)

loaf – loaf (v. laufen)

marry! – marry (v.)

nag (pony) – nag (to gnaw) – knag

nap (of cloth) – nap (sleep)

nay – neigh

oh! – owe

ode – owed

oxide – ox-eyed

pax – packs

pants – pants (fr. pant)

prose – pros (and cons)

sink (var) – cinque

swayed – suede (kid)

ternary – turnery

tea – tee (starting point)

taw (to dress skins) – taw (game, marbles) – tore (fr. tear)

cheap – cheep

tool – tulle

wo! – woe

ho! - hoe