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This category holds the homophones listed as sub-list ‘’’V’’’ printed by the then Poet Laureate Robert Bridges in the second "TRACT" of the Society for Pure English (London, OUP, 1919). List V is headed “The suffix ‘’er’’ added to a root often makes homophones. The following are examples. (And see in List VI.)”.

As these are only examples, AWE only presents them as a list, in the hopes that it may be of interest to users curious about language, and the history of the study of language. AWE does not intend to write separate articles about each member of the list, unlike most of the other lists in Bridges homophones, although some items have attracted our attention.

Byre – buyer (‘’who buys’’)

butter – butter (‘’who butts’’)

better (‘’adj.’’) – better (‘’who bets’’)

border – boarder

dire – dyer

founder (‘’v.’’) – founder (‘’who founds’’)

geyser – gazer

greater – grater (‘’nutmeg’’)

canter (‘’pace’’) – canter (‘’who cants’’)

medlar – meddler

moulder (‘’v.’’) – moulder (‘’who moulds’’)

pitcher (‘’vessel’’) – pitcher (‘’who pitches’’)

pillar – piller

platter – plaiter

plumper (adj. – plumper (‘’s.’’)

sounder (adj.’’) – sounder (‘’who sounds’’)

cellar – seller, &c.