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This category holds the homophones listed in sub-list ‘’’VI’’’ printed by the then Poet Laureate Robert Bridges in the second "TRACT" of the Society for Pure English (London, OUP, 1919). List VI is headed “Words excluded from the main list for various reasons, their homophony being rightly questioned by many speakers.”

As these are only examples, AWE only presents them as a list, in the hopes that it may be of interest to users curious about language, and the history of the study of language. There are several items which might not occur to speakers of Received Pronunciation in the twentieth century as being homophones, and their occurrence here may interest students of historical pronunciation. AWE does not intend to write separate articles about all members of list VI, unlike most of the other lists in Bridges homophones, although some items have attracted our attention – usually because we have observed student and other writers confusing them..

brute – bruit

direst – diarist

dissent - descent

deviser – divisor

dual – duel

goffer – gopher

carrot – carat

caudle – caudal

choler – collar

complement – compliment

lumber – lumbar

lesson – lessen

literal – littoral

minor – miner

medal – meddle

metal – mettle

missal – mistle (‘’thrush’’)

orphan – often

putty – puttee

pedal – peddle

police – pelisse

profit – prophet

rigour – rigger

rancour – ranker

succour – sucker

sailor – sailer

cellar – seller

censor – censer

surplus – surplice

symbol – cymbal

skip – skep

tuber – tuba

whirl – whorl

wert – wort (‘’herb, obs.’’)

vial – viol

verdure – verger (in Jones [1917]).