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This is a list of people who have been married to the various monarchs who have ruled over England, Scotland; and, since 1603, Great Britain and the United Kingdom. They are mostly Queens, because the male has always preceded the female in the succession. AWE, as a site mostly about the English language, does not pretend to an accurate use of the word 'consort', which has certain legal and constitutional implications: we use the loose meaning 'spouse'. The people listed here were legally married to the king (or queen) during a reign, without themselves being rulers. They are listed in alphabetical order, so if you come across a reference to a 'Queen Margaret', for example, and want to know more, scroll down to M in the left-hand column, and you will find all the consorts called Margaret that are recorded as having lived in the British mainland since about 1100. Search among them for the one you are likely to want. There is also a list in chronological order at British Royal Consorts by date.

This list will be of little use to those writing history essays. The items are intended to give a bald outline of each consort for the convenience of those (mostly non-historians) who come across a date or other reference and wish to find an answer to "When was this?" quickly. For this reason, the articles on names used by more than one consort, such as Mary of Teck and Mary of Guise etc, should allow you to distinguish between the different holders. (There are also lists of the members of the various dynasties, or royal families, that have ruled in the British Isles, e.g. Stuart dynasty.)

Consorts will be listed in different ways, to enable different kinds of searching. If you know

The various sub-groups should become available in time. These may help readers of AWE to track down which 'Queen Mary' may be being referred to in a work of general history, or fiction, etc.

Name of Consort dates (birth-death) marriage date name (and number) of monarch regnal years of monarch Name of dynasty Notes
Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen 1792–1849 1818 William IV 1830 - 1837 Hanover
Adeliza (or Alice, Adela, Aleidis) c.1103–1151 1121 2nd wife of Henry I 1100-1135 Norman daughter of Godfrey I of Leuven
Ælfgifu d. 944 prob. 939 Edmund I 939-946 W. Saxon 1st consort
Ælfgifu, d. of Æthelgifu  ? d. 966 956 Eadwig 955-959 W. Saxon Marriage annulled for consanguineity in 957 or 958
Æthelflæd Eneda d. c.962 Edgar 959-975 W. Saxon 1st consort; mother of Edward the Martyr
Æthelflæd of Damerham d. after 991 prob. 944 Edmund I 39-946 W. Saxon 2nd consort
Albert 1819–1861 1840 Prince Consort to Victoria 1837-1901 (by birth) Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld
from 1826 Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
Dynasty changed as a result of reorganization of lesser German states
Alexandra of Denmark 1844–1925 1863 Edward VII 1901-1910 Saxe-Coburg
Annabella Drummond d. 1401 1336 or 1337 Robert III 1390-1406 Stewart Niece of Margaret (nee Drummond), divorced consort of David II
[Anne 1665 Queen regnant 1683; her consort was George of Denmark 1702-1714 Stuart ]
Anne of Bohemia 1366–1394 1382 1st wife of Richard II 1377-1399 Angevin
Anne (Anna) of Denmark 1574–1619 1589 James VI of Scotland I of England 1567/1603-1625]] Stuart
Anne (Neville) 1456–1485) c. 1472 Richard III 1483-1485 Yorkist (Plantagenet) daughter of 'Kingmaker'; widow of Edward of Westminster, son of Henry VI)
Berengaria c.1165–1230 1191 Richard I (Lionheart) 1189-1199 Angevin d. of Sancho VI of Navarre
Caroline of Ansbach 1683–1737 1705 George II 1727-1760 Hanover
Caroline of Brunswick 1768–1821 1795 George IV 1820-1830 Hanover Fully Caroline 'of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel'
Catherine of Braganza 1638–1705 1662 Charles II 1660-1685 Stuart
Catherine of Valois 1401–1437 1419 Henry V 1413-1422 Lancaster daughter of Charles VI of France (r. 1380–1422) 'the Mad'
Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz 1744–1818 1761 George III 1760-1820 Hanover
[Clementina Sobieska 1702–1735 1719 the Old Pretender - Stuart recognized as Queen only by Jacobites]
Edith of Wessex [Eadgyth] (d. 1075) 1045 Edward the Confessor 1003/1004/1005-1066 -
Edith (Ealdgyth [Aldgyth]) (fl. c.1057–1066) 1066 Harold II 1066-1066 W. Saxon
Edith (Ealdgyth)
'Edith Swan-neck'
fl. 1057-1066  ?1063 Harold Godwinson 1066-1066 West Saxon 'Swan-neck' may be OE swanneshals or a corruption of OE
Swann hnesce, 'Gentle Swan'
Edith of Scotland see Matilda of Scotland (1080–1118)
Eleanor of Aquitaine 1122-1204 1152 married (2) Henry II 1154-1189 Angevin First married (1137) Louis VII of France: divorced (1152)
Eleanor of Castile 1241–1290 1254; 1st w of Edward I 1272-1307 Angevin see Eleanor Crosses
Eleanor of Provence 1223-1291 1236 Henry III 1216-1272 Angevin
Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon 1900-2002 1923 George VI 1936-1952 Windsor Widely respected at end of 20th century as the Queen Mother
Elizabeth de Burgh d. 1327 1302 Robert I 1306-1329 Bruce
Elizabeth Woodville c.1437–1492 1464 Edward IV 1461-1470; 1471-1483 Yorkist
Ermengarde de Beaumont (died 1233) 1186 William I of Scots ('the Lion') 1165-1214 - g.daughter, through illegitimate daughter, of Henry I of England
Euphemia Ross 1329?-1388/9 1355 as 2nd husband Robert II 1371-1390 Stewart Euphemia was the widow of the Earl of Moray
George of Denmark 1653–1708 1683 Anne 1702-1714 Stuart created Duke of Cumberland 1689
Gruoch fl. 1040–1057?)  ? c. 1020 Macbeth 1040–1057? Moray Widow of Macbeth's cousin Gille Comgáin, killer of Macbeth's father Findlaech & killed by Macbeth 1032
Henrietta Maria of France 1609–1669 1625 Charles I 1625-1649 Stuart
Henry (Darnley) 1546-1567 1565 Mary Queen of Scots 1542-1567 Stuart King Henry of Scots, usually called Darnley in history.
Ingibjorg d. c.1067 1060 1st wife of Malcolm III (Canmore) 1057-1093 House of Duncan (?) daughter of Thorfinn, Earl of Orkney
Isabel de Warenne 1253–? 1279 John Balliol, King of Scotland 1292-1296 Balliol
Isabella of Angoulême c.1188–1246 1200 second wife of John of England 1199-1216 Angevin
Isabella of France 1295–1358 1308 Edward II 1307-1327 Angevin In alliance with Mortimer, deposed her husband
Isabella of Gloucester c.1160–1217 1189 first wife of John of England 1199-1216 Angevin never recognized as Queen: her marriage was annulled 1199 soon after John became king)
Isabella of France 1389–1409 1396 2nd wife of Richard II 1377-1399 Angevin Isabella was 7 years old when they married
Joan 1210–1238 1221 1st wife of Alexander II 1214-1249 daughter of King John of England
Joan Beaufort died 1445 1424 James I of Scotland 1407/1424-1437 Stewart grand-daughter of both Henry V and John of Gaunt
Joan 'of the Tower' 1321–1362 1328 David II of Scotland 1329-1371 Bruce d. of Edward II of England Dynastic marriage, at his age 4, hers 7.
Separated 1358
Joan of Navarre 1368–1437 1402 second wife (only Queen) of Henry IV 1399-1413 Lancaster widow of John duke of Brittany (d. 1399)
[Louisa, of Stolberg-Gedern 1752–1824 1772 'Charles III' the Young Pretender - Stuart claimed as Queen only by Jacobites]
Madeleine 'of Valois' 1520–1537 1537 1st wife of James V of Scotland 1513-1542 Stewart daughter of François I of France
Margaret (Saint Margaret) (d. 1093) 1069 or 1070 2nd wife of Malcolm III 1057-1093 House of Duncan daughter of Edward Ætheling (d. 1057); great-niece of Edward the Confessor
Margaret of Anjou 1430–1482 1444 Henry VI 1444–61, 1470–71 Lancaster
Margaret 'of Denmark' (1456/7?–1486) 1469 James III 1460-1488 Stewart dowry included Orkneys & Shetlands
Margaret Drummond (d. c. 1374 1363 2nd wife of David II of Scotland 1329-1371 Bruce Divorced 1369
Margaret of England 1240–1275 1251 1st wife of Alexander III 1249-1286 daughter of Henry III of England
(Margaret [Marguerite] of France) 1157-1197 1160 (Henry the Young King) 1170-1183 Angevin Never ruled; crowned as heir and co-regent of Henry I
Margaret [Marguerite] 'of France' 1279?–1318 1299, 2nd wife of Edward I 1272-1307 Angevin sister of Philippe IV of France
Margaret 'the Fair Maid'
of Norway
(1283-1290) - - [Sverre] heiress to throne of Scotland
died age 3
Margaret Tudor 1489-1541 1503 James IV of Scotland 1488-1513 Stewart eldest daughter of Henry VII of England; source of Union of the Crowns
Marie de Coucy d. 1284 1239 2nd wife of Alexander II 1214-1249
[Mary (de) Bohun c.1369–1394 1381 1st wife of Henry Bolingbroke, later Henry IV, never queen 1399-1413 Lancaster mother of Henry V]
Mary 'of Gueldres') died 1463 1449 James II of Scotland 1437-1460 Stewart Niece of Philip 'the Good' of Burgundy
Mary 'of Guise' 1515–1560 1538 2nd wife of James V of Scotland 1513-1542 Stewart daughter of Duke of Guise, widow of Louis of Orleans
[Mary Queen of Scots 1542-1587 Queen regnant her consort was Darnley 1542-1567 Stewart Mary I of Scotland]
[Mary (Stuart) 1689-1694 1677 was equal ruler with William III 1689-1702 Orange properly Mary II
[[Queen Mary#Mary I (of England|Mary Tudor & Mary Q. of Scots in Scotland
Mary Tudor 1516-1558 Queen regnant her consort was King Philip II of Spain (1527-1598) 1555-1558 Tudor
Mary of Modena 1658–1718 1673 James II [and VII 1685-1688 Stuart The 'warming-pan' mother
Mary 'of Teck' 1867–1953 1893 George V 1901-1910 Saxe-Coburg
Matilda of Flanders (died 1083) c. 1050 William I ('The Conqueror') 1066-1087 Norman
Matilda de Senlis,
Ctss of Huntingdon
d. 1131 1113 David I of Scotland 1124-1153
Matilda of Scotland (1080–1118) 1110 Henry I 1100-1135 Norman baptized Eadgyth (Edith); daughter of Malcolm 'Canmore'
[For Maud, see Matilda for which it is an alternative form
Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh 1921- 1947 Elizabeth II 1952- Windsor Born Philippos of Greece & Denmark;
took surname Mountbatten 1947.
Created Duke of Edinburgh 1947.
Philippa of Hainault (1310/1315?–1369 1328 Edward III 1327-1377 Angevin
Sophia Dorothea 'of Brunswick-Lüneburg-Celle' 1666–1726 1682 George I 1714-1727 Hanover
Sybilla d. 1122 c.1114 Alexander I 1107-1124 Illegit. d. of Henry I of England
1st Scots queen of Norman blood
[Victoria] 1819-1901 1840 Victoria 1837-1901 Queen Regnant (by birth) Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld
from 1826 Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
Dynasty changed as a result of reorganization of lesser German states Her consort was [[Prince Albert
959-975 Wulfthryth d. c.1000 Edgar 973-975 W. Saxon 2nd consort; mother of St Edith. Became Abbess of Wilton; St Wulfthryth
Yolande d. in or after 1324 1285 2nd wife of Alexander III 1249-1286 d. of Robert de Dreux (d. 1282)
married (2) Arthur (d. 1312), heir of Jean of Brittany and Richmond