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The surname Casaubon is prominent in English literature as that of the Reverend Edward Casaubon, who is married to Dorothea Brooke in George Eliot's Middlemarch (1871-2), and in religion and history as that of Isaac Casaubon (1559–1614), a humanist scholar and Huguenot.

  • Isaac Casaubon, "after Scaliger, the most learned man in Europe" (wikipedia, left France after the assassination of Henri IV in 1610 and settled in England on the invitation of the Archbishop of Canterbury and with a pension from King James. An English realization of the French pronunciation of his name is 'cuz-AWE-bon'the French say IPA: /ka zo bɔ̃ /. (See also Stress-timed - syllable-timed.)
    • Isaac's son Meric Casaubon joined his father in England at eleven years old. Once here he was educated at Eton and Oxford, and was ordained in the Church of England, taking his first living in 1626. During the period of the civil war and Commonwealth, he lost his ecclesiastical appointments. These were restored at the Restoration. Like his father, Meric was a nored scholar.
  • Different students of Middlemarch use different pronunciations of the name of Casaubon. Some use the French, and some have a more fully 'English' 'CAS-you-bon' or 'CAS-er-bon', /ˈkæz juː(or ə) bɒn/.