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The collection of articles that disambiguate: they give different meanings of one word.

Do not confuse this site, which is mainly lexicographical with some usage notes, with category:disambiguation, which aims to be more like the same category in wikipedia: a site offering users a choice between separate articles on different aspects of the same word, or words.

There is also a category:Clarification of meanings, opened in July 2008, which will to some extent overlap with disambig. It is intended to contain 'larger' articles on words which have huge lists of meanings in OED. Both it and disambig are designed to give some pedagogic help to users of AWE who might be trying to use a word in a wrong sense. Disambig by and large will contain shorter articles, and may overlap with disambiguation; Clarification of meanings should have the longer, more academic articles. (AWE's articles are, notwithstanding, designed with the aim of being readable on a single screen, or at least with minimal scrolling.) Over time, the large number of articles in disambig should reduce slightly, as the longer ones are transferred to Clarification of meanings.

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