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Don't confuse the noun (and sometimes verb) censor with the verb (and sometimes noun) to censure.

  • A censor (noun) is a person whose job it is to decide what things other people may read, or watch, etc. In the UK, this is usually a matter of the age at which cinema audiences may see particular films. In other countries, and some organizations, this may also be a matter of political, moral, religious or even aesthetic censorship.
  • From the noun, we get a verb to label what a censor does. To censor a work is either to ban it, or to cut certain parts out of it.
  • To censure [something] is to say that you think it is bad. To censure [somebody] is to reprimand her, or to tell him off.

The related noun is mostly an abstract indicating a form of reprimand. If the House of Commons passes a vote of censure, it means that the majority have agreed to condemn the person concerned.

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