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Chants Ave, in Hull, is the usual local colloquialism for the street more formally known as Chanterlands Avenue. Chanterlands Avenue (Hull) runs from Spring Bank West in the south to Cottingham Road in the north. North of the Bricknell Avenue roundabout, Chanterlands Avenue turns slightly to the east before straightening up to resume a more directly northern course past the Chanterlands Crematorium and Northern Cemetery.

Don't spell the Chants in Chants Ave, as some have done, as if it were the homophonous Chance.
Etymological note: the name Chanterlands is derived from the agricultural area on which the Avenue was laid out and built, around 1900, the Chanter Lands ([[1]]). It may be speculated that this name was the result of the estate having been donated to a Chantry.