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The common noun coke not only has a homograph which is a proper noun (Coke), but it sounds different.

  • The common noun (pronounced 'coak', IPA: /kəʊk/)
    • a) used to be an everyday substance, rarely seen domestically these days. This is the solid fuel left over after the gas has been extracted from coal.
    • b) is now a universally recognized abbreviation of the carbonated drink 'Coca Cola'.
  • The surname Coke is most famous as that of Sir Edward Coke (1552-1634), an MP, a judge, a lawyer and a great writer on law. More than anyone else, he laid the foundations for English Law's respect for precedent ('the Common Law'). His name is pronounced with a vowel like that of 'blue' (IPA: /kuːk/ (some bearers of the name realize it with the short '-u-' IPA: /ʊ/- probably the trade of the first of his ancestors to bear a surname.