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A curlicue is an ornament, mostly essentially circular in nature, " A fantastic curl or twist" (OED), Curlicues (or curlycues) may be seen in calligraphy, where they often form part of the elaborate signatures formed for official use, such as the loops and scrolls at the bases of the letters in the signature of the first Queen Elizabeth of England (it may be seen in a wikipedia page at [[1]]); in architecture, where they may form part of the decoration of a façade; on the frames of paintings; and in any form of scrollwork.

Etymological note: curlicue (AWE's - and OED's) preferred spelling, or the alternative curlycue, sound like their derivation: a curlicue was originally a description of a 'curly' (or ornamented) (writing of a) letter 'Q'. This may help to illustrate the uncertain differences between cue and queue.