Dionysius - Dionysus

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  • The ancient Greek god is Dionysus, with four syllables. The stress is on the third syllable, which rhymes with 'eye- - 'die-on-EYE-sus' IPA: /daɪ ən ˈaɪ səs/.
  • Some Greeks were called after him, with the name Dionysius. (At least 14 men of that name have articles in the Oxford Classical Dictionary). This name has one more syllable, five in all. The third syllable has more of the vowel sound of 'it': 'die-on-IS-i-us' IPA: /daɪ ən ˈɪs ɪ ʊs/, or rather more loosely, IPA: /daɪ ən ˈɪs ɪ əs/.

The adjective Dionysian (pronounced with five syllables, 'die-on-IS-i-an', IPA: /daɪ ən ˈɪs ɪ ən/) can be used for either name.