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This is a list of people who have been married to the various monarchs who ruled England before the Union of the Crowns in 1603. They are mostly Queens, because the male has always preceded the female in the succession. AWE does not pretend to an accurate use of the word 'consort', which has certain legal and constitutional implications: we use the loose meaning 'spouse', or 'person legally married to the king (or Queen) during a reign, without themselves being rulers'. AWE also has an alphabetical list at English Royal consorts by name .

This page will not be written further until the alphabetical list is completed

This list will be of little use to those writing history essays. It is intended to give a description of each consort in one or two sentences, for the convenience of those (mostly non-historians) who come across a date or other reference and wish to find an answer to "When was this?" quickly. For this reason, the articles on names used by more than one monarch, such as George I and George VI etc, contain enough material to distinguish between the different holders. There are also articles that group the members of the various dynasties, or royal families, that have ruled in the British Isles.

Consorts will be listed in different ways, to enable different kinds of searching. If you know

Various sub-groups should become available in time, such as British consorts called Mary, which should help readers of AWE to track down which 'Queen Mary' may be being referred to in a work of general history, or fiction, etc.

! dates of spouse's reign Nome of consort years (birth-death) of consort Name of monarch year of marriage Dynasty Notes Links
939-946 Æthelflæd of Damerham d. after 991 Edmund I prob. 944 W. Saxon 2nd consort
955-959 Ælfgifu, d. of Æthelgifu  ? d. 966 Eadwig 956 W. Saxon Marriage annulled for consanguineity in 957 or 958
959-975 Æthelflæd Eneda d. c.962 Edgar W. Saxon 1st consort; mother of Edward the Martyr
959-975 Wulfthryth d. c.1000 Edgar W. Saxon 2nd consort; mother of St Edith. Became Abbess of Wilton; St Wulfthryth
959-975 Ælfthryth, widow of Æthelwold d. c. 1000 Edgar 964 or 965 W. Saxon 3rd consort
1042-1066 Edith [Eadgyth] of Wessex (d. 1075) Edward the Confessor 1045 W. Saxon (d. 1053), sister of Harold Godwineson Ediths
1066-1066 Edith Ealdgyth/Aldgyth fl. c.1057–1066 Harold II 1066 W. Saxon This Edith was daughter of Ælfgar, earl of Mercia (d. 1062?) Ediths
1066-1066 Edith swanneshals 'Swan-neck' or 'the Fair' c. 1025 – c. 1086) Harold II W. Saxon This Edith was Harold's "handfast" wife, Ediths
1066-1087 Matilda of Flanders d. 1083 William the Conqueror 1050, 1 or 2 Norman
1100-1135 Matilda of Scotland 1080–1118 Henry I 1100 Norman 1st consort; daughter of Malcolm III of Scots
1100–1135 Adeliza (or Alice, Adela, Aleidis) c.1103–1151 2nd wife of Henry I 1121 Norman
1135-1154 Matilda (or Maud) of Boulogne 1105?-1152 Stephen 1125 Blois not to be confused with Matilda of Germany
1154-1189 Eleanor of Aquitaine c.1122–1204 Henry II 1152 Angevin
1189-1199 Berengaria c.1165–1230 Richard I (Lionheart) 1191 Angevin d. of Sancho VI of Navarre
1199-1216 Isabella of Gloucester c.1160–1217 John 1189 Angevin 1st consort
1189-1216 Isabella of Angoulême c.1188-1246 John 1200 Angevin 2nd consort
1216-1272 Eleanor of Provence c.1223–1291 Henry III 1236 Angevin
1272-1307 Eleanor of Castile 1241–1290 Edward I 1254 Angevin 1st consort
1372-1307 Margaret of France 1279?–1318) Edward I 1299 Angevin 2nd consort
1307-1327 Isabella of France 1295–1358 Edward II 1307 Angevin The 'she-wolf of France'
1327-1377 Philippa of Hainault b, between 1310 and 1315; d. 1369 Edward III 1328 Angevin At her death, Edward had the Eleanor crosses erected,
including Charing Cross
1377-1399 Anne of Bohemia 1366–1394 1st wife of Richard II 1382 Angevin 1st consort; died childless Annes
1377-1399 Isabella of France 1389–1409 2nd wife of Richard II 1396 Angevin 2nd consort; married at 8 yrs old.
1399-1413 Joan of Navarre 1368–1437 Henry IV 1402 Lancaster
1413-1422 Catherine of Valois 1401–1437 Henry V 1419 Lancaster daughter of Charles VI of France (r. 1380–1422) 'the Mad'
Later married Owen Tudor, founder of the Tudor dynasty as grandfather of {{King Henry#Henry VII|Henry VII]]
1422-1461 and 1470-1471 Margaret of Anjou 1430–1482 Henry V| 1454or 1455 Lancaster
1461-1470 and 1471-1483 Elizabeth Woodville, widow of Sir John Grey 1437-1492 Edward IV 1464 York
1483-1485 Anne (Neville) 1456–1485) Richard III c. 1472 Yorkist (Plantagenet) daughter of 'Kingmaker'; widow of Edward of Westminster, son of Henry VI) Annes
1485-1509 Elizabeth 1466–1503 Henry VII 1486 Tudor Their marriage ended the 'Wars of the Roses'
1509-1547 Katherine of Aragon 1485–1536 Henry VIII 1509 Tudor 1st consort (see Wives of Henry VIII)
1509-1547 Anne Boleyn c.1500–1536 Henry VIII 1533 Tudor 2nd consort (see Wives of Henry VIII)
1509-1547 Jane Seymour 1508/9–1537 Henry VIII 1536 Tudor 3rd consort (see Wives of Henry VIII)
1509-1547 Anne of Cleves 1515–1557 Henry VIII 1540 Tudor 4th consort (see Wives of Henry VIII)
1509-1547 Katherine Howard born between 1518 and 24; died 1542 Henry VIII 1540 Tudor 5th consort (see Wives of Henry VIII)
1509-1547 Katherine Parr 1512–1548 Henry VIII 1543 Tudor 6th consort (see Wives of Henry VIII)
1553 Lord Guildford Dudley c.1535–1554 Lady Jane Grey 1553 Tudor Never fully Queen, Jane and Dudley were executed in 1554
1553-1558 Philip II (of Spain)|Philip II of Spain 1527-1598 Mary 1554 Tudor Mary was Philip's 2nd wife