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  • An eponym is a person, real or imaginary, after whom something is named. It is pronounced with the stress on the first syllable and the 'e-' as in 'egg', 'EPP-er-nym', IPA: /ˈɛp ə (or əʊ) n ɪm/.
  • The associated adjective is eponymous, where the stress is on the second syllable which has the vowel sound of 'on': 'ep-ON-i-mers', IPA: /ɛp ˈɒn ɪm əs/. "The eponymous hero of Tom Jones" means the central character, called Tom Jones, in the novel (1749) by Henry Fielding called Tom Jones.

"Aeneas, the eponym of Virgil's greatest poem" means Aeneas, a character from the legendary siege of Troy, who gave his name to a poem about him by the Latin poet Virgil. (The poem is actually called the Aeneid.)

AWE has a list of some eponyms which have become established words in the English language at Words Derived From Names of Persons.