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The following is a relatively comprehensive explanation of what you will need to do in order to write a good essay.

First, what are essays and why are students required to write them? A student assignment in the form of an essay usually has all the following characteristics; it

  1. - is a piece of continuous, extended writing (in other words, it does not usually contain sub- headings),
  2. - varies in length from one to five thousand words,
  3. - explores a given topic, often analytically,
  4. - is based on information from multiple sources,
  5. - is based on careful thought, your own (within the parameters of your subject area), that of others or both.

If you think of an essay as a learning experience, or exploration of a topic, you may write better essays than if you view them merely as forms of assessment

Why is essay writing important? Because it:
  1. - illustrates to you and to your tutor how well you have understood a given topic,
  2. - helps you to clarify your ideas,
  3. - develops critical thinking, and the judgement that is expected of a graduate,
  4. - is one of the key skills in your education (written communication),
  5. - develops generic skills (time management, information gathering, logical thinking & planning),
  6. - provides the opportunity for feedback on your progress,
  7. - may count towards your degree classification.