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Advice Leaflets

Advice leaflets originally produced for the Study Advice Service in the University of Hull, which holds the copyright:

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It may help you to list:

  1. - what information you need and
  2. - where you are likely to find it.

The kinds of information sources available to you, depending on the subject matter and what you have been asked to do, are likely to be:

  1. - lecture notes and/or handouts
  2. - books
  3. - journals (these are often under-used)
  4. - reference works
  5. - the internet (but beware here; good search and selection techniques are required or much time and energy can be wasted)
  6. - other printed media (newspapers, magazines …)
  7. - videos
  8. - experiments (in Sciences)
  9. - fieldwork (in Sciences or Social Sciences)
  10. - other people