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Eton college is a public school (privately funded and independent) for boys, in Berkshire, England. The full name of the college is "King's College of Our Lady of Eton beside Windsor". It was founded in 1440 by King Henry VI. The college boards approximately 1,305 and educates boys from ages 13 to 18 - including 19 former British Prime Ministers and several members of the Royal Family.

Eton is the most prestigious of all schools in Britain. This may be because of its alumni; because it is in Windsor, near to the Royal Family's residence of Windsor Castle; because the waiting list notoriously requires entrants to be 'put down [~ entered] for Eton' at birth; because of the formal morning dress which is the normal school uniform; or because it is among the most expensive schools.

Until the second half of the nineteenth century, Eton enjoyed a connection with King's College Cambridge, also founded by Henry VI exclusively for entrants from his school at Eton.