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Don't mis-type, or otherwise confuse, facility and felicity (or Felicity). (AWE also has articles distinguishing between facility and faculty, and on the meanings of facility and 'faculty' by themselves, which you may want to see.)

  • The basic meanings of facility are:
    • 'the ease with which one does something', 'a skill', 'easiness in performance'; and
    • 'a resource [usually physical]', such as 'a space in which to do one's job'
'For more detail, go to facility (meaning).
  • The basic meaning of the common and abstract noun felicity is 'happiness'. (For more detail, see felicity (meaning).) The common noun is little used now, outside very formal contexts, but it was fairly usual in the eighteenth century. (For more detail, go to felicity (meaning).) Felicity has given several more or less formal derivatives:
    • the verb 'to felicitate', whose only current meaning is 'to congratulate', or
      • 'to offer felicitations [to someone]', felicitations being 'congratulations';
      • The adjective felicitous (together with its adverb felicitously) means 'lucky' or 'very appropriate', "strikingly apt" (OED).
  • The proper noun Felicity (with upper case 'F-') is a girl's forename.