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Feint (spelled thus; see Faint - feint) has two meanings.

  • As a verb, 'to feint' means 'to pretend to attack from one direction in order to deceive one's opponent into not noticing the real attack fromn another direction'. For example, a boxer may feint with his left befors landing a right hook; and 'it is said that the Scots under Fouglas were drawn into an ambush by a feinted retreat by the Moors'.
Etymological note: feint is the past participle of the French verb feindre, 'to pretend', which is also the root of feign. This may be used epithetically
    • There is a related noun 'a feint' to name such a tactic.
  • The adjective feint is a variant spelling of 'faint' used in the stationery business. See Faint - feint for more.