Flea - fly - flew - flue

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There is a foolish 'rhyme' told to children, which we trust they enjoy for the fun of hearing words in such a foolish combination. We hope you - and yur children - may enjoy it too.

A flea and a fly were caught in a flue;
Said the flea to the fly, "Let us flee."
Said the fly to the flea, "Let us fly."
So they flew through a flaw in the flue.
(For elucidation, you may want to go to Flea - flee - fly, Flew - flu - flue or two pages on the forms of the irregular verbs fly and flee.

(This poem comes in many forms: no 'correct text' is ascertainable. This version is one that an editor of AWE tells his grandchildren, and remembers being told by his grandmother some 60 years ago.)