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This word is taken from French. That is why it may look un-English. It also accounts for the fact that it sounds un-English - although there are several pronunciations

In educated English RP, the tradition is to sound as like French as possible - the final '-s-' is silent, and the two syllables are equally stressed IPA: /ˈfræ kɑː/. In American speech, it is pronounced much more as it looks - with the stress on the first syllable, which rhymes with 'take', and the second syllable quite like 'us' IPA: /ˈfreɪ kəs/.

In one of the poems by Robert Burns "in the Scottish dialect", he rhymes fracas with 'Bacchus', the Greek god of wine IPA: /ˈfræ kʌs/. This may be dialect; it may be Burns' joke; or it may be pure ignorance. Whichever it is, do not copy it.