Freesia - Frisia

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Freesia and Frisia are near-homophones - they often sound the same ('FREE-zyer', IPA: /ˈfriː zi ə/), although Frisia usually - and properly - has a shorter '-i-' sound ('FRIZZ-i-er', IPA: /ˈfrɪ zɪ ə/). Don't confuse them!

  • A freesia is a flower. (It is sometimes spelled freezia.)
  • Frisia is an alternative name for Friesland, a province of the Netherlands. The adjective, used substantively for the people living there and their (West Germanic) language, is spelled Frisian, the preferred spelling of OED (1898), or Friesian.
    • Friesian is the spelling to be used when naming the breed of cattle that was developed in Friesland. This is also known (particularly in the USA) as the Holstein.