Galway - Galloway

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Do not confuse the two British place names Galway and Galloway. Neither is in England.

  • Galway, with one '-l-' and two syllables, is in the Republic of Ireland . It is pronounced 'GAUL-way', IPA: /ˈgɔːl weɪ/. There is a city called Galway (or Galway City, when it is important to distinguish it); it is in County Galway, which is in the province of Connacht, on the western, Atlantic, coast. Galway Bay forms the great central 'hollow' about halfway down that coast. The name Galway is derived from the Erse Gaillimh, meaning ‘Stony [river]’.
  • Galloway (two '-l-'s and an '-o-') is a district in Scotland. It has two '-l-'s and three syllables. It is pronounced 'GAL-oh-way', IPA: /ˈgæl ə (or əʊ) weɪ/. It is the south-west region that is nearest to Ireland; it faces England across the Solway Firth. The local government body has, since 1996, been the Dumfries and Galloway Council. The place name Galloway is derived from the Gaelic Gall and Ghaidel, 'the stranger Gaels'. These 'Gaels' were 'strangers' because they were of mixed Irish and Scandinavian descent: they settled here, in SW Scotland in the 9th century.