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This is a bibliography page, concerning a work to which reference is made elsewhere in this guide.

Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall (1867-1941) wrote several books to re-tell history for young people. She wrote because she enjoyed telling stories, and because she wanted to see the old stories kept alive: she was aware that she was writing for the young, and, as ODNB says, "in the preface to Our Island Story she was careful to state that her book was 'not a history lesson, but a story-book', and argued that many legendary stories 'which wise people say are only fairy tales' are nevertheless 'part of Our Island Story, and ought not be forgotten' (p. vi)." It is in that spirit that this volume is included in AWE: we hope to share an element of traditional popular undestanding of history in Britain with students of the current generation - not to pretend to them that this is an 'accurate' work of historical scholarship.

See particularly Marshall (1905), Marshall (1908) and Marshall (1906) (Our Island Story, Scotland's Story and Our Empire Story. She wrote many books, having had to retire because of ill-health in 1904. Some of these are: (note how the dates show a fluency in writing)

  • Stories of Robin Hood..., with pictures by A. S. Forrest (1905)
  • Stories of Guy Warwick told to the children, with pictures by L. D. Luard, (1906)
  • Stories of William Tell and his Friends ..., with pictures by I. L. Gloag (1906)
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin, told to the children [Harriet Beecher Stowe] (1906)
  • Stories of Roland, told to the children , with pictures by L. D. Luard (1907)
  • The Story of Oliver Cromwell ..., with pictures by Allan Stewart (1907)
  • Through the World Series (1907)
  • England's Story for Boys and Girls (1907)
  • The Story of Napoleon, etc., with pictures by Allan Stewart (1908)
  • The Child's English Literature, illustrated with 20 drawings in colour by J. R. Skelton (1909)
  • English literature for boys and girls, (1909)
  • A History of France ..., with illustrations in colour by A. C. Michael (1912)
  • India's story (1912)
  • A History of Germany ..., with illustrations in colour by A. C. Michael (1913)
  • Boy Kings and Girl Queens, with illustrations (1913)
  • Doing their Bit in Tea-Pot Land, and other fairy stories ..., with illustrations, etc. (1916)
  • The Story of the United States (1919) (US title: This Country of Ours (1917))
  • A Short Sketch of European History (1920)
  • England and Wales, [n.d.]
  • Kings & Things. First stories from English History ... illustrated by Lanta Spurrier (1937)