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Hallé is best known in Britain as the name of the distinguished orchestra in Manchester - the Hallé. It used to perform in the Free Trade Hall, but since 1966 has been based in the Bridgewater Hall. The Orchestra was founded in 1858 by Charles Hallé. He had been born in Hagen, Germany, in 1819 as Karl Halle. The surname is pronounced in German with two syllables, 'hal-er', IPA: /hæl ə/, like the town in Saxony-Anhalt in Germany; when Karl settled in Britain after the 1848 revolution in Paris, where he had been studying and meeting Chopin, Lizst and Berlioz, he added the acute accent to the final '-e' to help English-speakers realize its disyllabic nature.

Charles Hallé was knighted in 1888.