Hypocrisy - hypocrite

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Note that the abstract noun hypocrisy (~ 'pretend to a false appearance'; 'to fake goodness') is spelled this way, ending with -isy. The personal noun is hypocrite with ite. The adjective is hypocritical. (They come from the same Greek word as 'crisis' and 'critical', strangely enough.)

Never spell them as if they came from the same origin as democracy, and such political words - hypocracy and hypocratic are always wrong.

There is also sometimes confusion with Hippocratic: the ethical oath that doctors swear is the Hippocratic oath. It is said to have been composed in its original Greek form by the Greek doctor Hippocrates (c.460-377 BCE), who is widely regarded as the first doctor in the modern sense. The word 'Hippocratic' has nothing to do with 'hypocritical' - apart from the sound, which is similar but not identical.