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This is a bibliography page, concerning a work to which reference is made elsewhere in this guide.

King, Graham (2001) The Times Writer's Guide, Glasgow, Times Books, Harper Collins, with a Foreword by Philip Howard.
  • Graham King (1939-1999) was an Australian who joined his compatriot Rupert Murdoch, for whom he worked in Britain marketing the Sun and The Sunday Times newspapers. A writer himself, he produced eight One-Hour Wordpower reference guides to help writers produce correct texts. These were later expanded into The Collins Wordpower series:
      • Punctuation (2000)
      • Good Grammar(2000)
      • Super Speller (2000)
      • Good Writing (2000)
      • Vocabulary Expander (2000)
      • Abbreviations(2000)
      • Foreign Phrases (2000)
      • Word Check (2000)

The current version of this is:

Graham King (2009) Collins Complete Writing Guide, Glasgow, Collins.