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This is a bibliography page, concerning a work to which reference is made elsewhere in this guide.

Liddell, Henry George, and Scott (Robert) (1843) A Greek-English Lexicon, based on the German work of Francis Passow, Oxford, OUP.

This work has been available since publication of the first edition in 1843. For over a century, it was the most authoritative reference book for the study of classical Greek, and therefore for much of that time known to all those who reached the level of Higher Education. (Its equivalent for the study of Latin was Lewis and Short.) Its 9th edition (with a revised Supplement, issued in 1996) is currently (March 2008) in OUP's catalogue. Other authors are listed as "Revised and augmented throughout by Henry Stuart Jones with the assistance of Roderick McKenzie with the co-operation of many scholars." The Supplement was edited by P. G. W. Glare. This Lexicon is usually referred to in British circles as Liddell and Scott; in the US as LSJ (for Liddell, Scott and Jones).

It may be interesting to realise that Liddell, the Dean (= Head) of Christ Church, the prestigious Oxford College, was the father of Alice Liddell, the original Alice for, and about, whom 'Lewis Carroll' wrote Alice in Wonderland and Alice through the Looking-Glass. Scott was Dean, or head of the cathedral clergy, of Rochester.