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There are many settlements in the world called Louisville. The biggest and most important of these is the largest city in the US state of Kentucky. This Louisville - pronounced 'LOO-y-vil', IPA: /'luː ɪ ,vɪl/ (sometimes locally 'LOO-er-vel', /'luː ə ,vəl/, or even LOVE-el', /'lʌ vəl/) - was founded in 1778 by George Rogers Clark and is named after King Louis XVI of France.

One of Louisville's famous citizens is the heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali, born there as Cassius Clay in 1942, and known, amongst other nicknames, as the Louisville Lip for his verbosity, boasting, and taunting of his opponents.
The pronunciation of two place-names in the USA other than Louisville which are derived from the forename Louis may give trouble to speakers of British English: you may also want to see AWE's notes on Louisiana and Saint Louis. The name of Louisburg, or Louisbourg, which is borne by many smaller towns in Canada and the USA, is usually pronounced 'LOO-iss-berg', /'luː ɪs ,bɜːrg/. The derivation of the Louisburgs in Nova Scotia, Canada, and North Carolina (USA) is from Louis XVI. The Louisburg in Kansas, USA, was formerly called New St. Louis or Little St. Louis, and so is indirectly named after Louis IX. The king referred to by others, such as the Louisburgs in Miami, Minnesota, Missouri and Florida is unclear.