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It is possible to type one of the two words Muslim and muslin in error for the other. As they both exist in English, the spell-checker will not correct them.

  • A Muslim is a follower of the religion of Islam - one who worships Allah according to the Qur'an, the Scripture communicated to humans by the prophet Muhammad. (See also Muslim.)
    • Originally Arabic, the word is best pronounced with a short '-oo-' vowel in the first syllable, IPA: /ˈmʊs lɪm/. The '-s-' is best realised as unvoiced, rather than a voiced '-z-', but this may seem affected to those who do not speak Arabic.
  • Muslin is the name of a fine cotton cloth.
    • The '-u-' is best realised like that in 'but'; the '-s-' as a '-z-': 'MUHZ-lin', IPA: /ˈmʌz lɪn/