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The word nice is detested by academics and others who write formal English.

The current usage of nice is so vague as to be virtually meaningless. It is merely a term of (very mild) approval. It no longer has any connotations to help the reader to understand the grounds for approval - we, the readers, do not know why the writer says the subject is 'nice': is it pretty (visually attractive), good (morally virtuous), efficiently designed, expensive, fashionable, or what? We cannot tell.

Academic students should pick their words more carefully. Try to communicate why you approve of something by picking a more meaningful word than nice.

In speech, of course, where one doesn't have as much time to consider the choice of a word as one does when writing, most people use nice from time to time. In writing, however, you do have time to think about your words. So if the word nice comes into your head when you are writing, think - and reject it.

For information about the changing meaning of 'nice' see Nice - the changing meaning.