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Chronological List of Popes (and Antipopes), after Kelly & Walsh 2010. Their The Oxford Dictionary of Popes contains biographical details of every Pope in AWE's lists, and is available on line, through Athens.

This chronological list is being split into two, for technical reasons. This page contains the Popes from the second millennium; the list for those up to 1000 CE is at Popes (chronological List - to 1000). Note that there was no John XX: the transition in the numbering from John XIX to John XXI is due to early scribal confusion. (There has never been a Pope Joan.)

You may find it more helpful to consult the alphabetical list of Popes. That too has been split, into Popes (alphabetical list A-L) and Popes (alphabetical list - M-Z).

Regnal dates Papal name original name family notes
999–1003 Silvester II
This entry appears also in the list for the 1st millennium
Gerbert Born c. 945 in Auvergne.
1003 John XVII John Sicco, son of John (Roman)
1003–9 John XVIII John Fasanus ('Cock'), son of Ursus (Roman) Perhaps abdicated, 1009
1009–12 Sergius IV Peter Nicknamed
Bucca Porci ('Pig's Snout')
'Son of Peter'; Roman. Altered his name out of respect for the 'Prince of the Apostles'
1012–24 Benedict VIII Theophylact Tusculan (Counts of Tusculum) Born c. 980
1012 [Gregory (VI)] Gregory: original and regnal name Antipope: Crescenti candidate in opposition to Benedict VIII.
Nothing is known about his antecedents.
1024–32 John XIX Romanus Tusculan brother of Benedict VIII
1032–44 Benedict IX (1st reign) Theophylact Tusculan Nephew of Benedict VIII (also Theophylact
Unpopular, licentious. Died 1055 or 1056
1045 Silvester III John (Bp of Sabina connected to (supported by) Crescentii X: "his right to be considered an authentic pope is open to question" Kelly & Walsh 2010
1045 Benedict IX (2nd reign) Theophylact Tusculan Nephew of Benedict VIII (also Theophylact
Unpopular, licentious. Died 1055 or 1056
1045–6 Gregory VI John Gratian (?related to Pierleoni family)
1046–7 Clement II Suidger A Saxon (German) Proposed by Henry III of Germany to break Roman families' domination of papacy
1047–8 Benedict IX (3rd reign) Theophylact Tusculan Nephew of Benedict VIII (also Theophylact
Unpopular, licentious. Died 1055 or 1056
1048 Damasus II Poppo German Pope for 23 days
1049–54 Leo IX Bruno Son of Count of Egisheim Nominated by emperor Henry III (1039–56); Canonized.
1055–7 Victor II Gebhard of Dollnstein-Hirschberg (Swabian)
Son of Count Hartwig
Born c. 1018: last of the German popes nominated by Henry III (1039–56).
1057–8 Stephen IX (X) Frederick of Lorraine (abbot of Monte Cassino
1058–9 [Benedict X] John Mincius Antipope in opposition to Gregory VII. Died (confined) 1073
1058–61 Nicholas II Gerard French Born c. 1010
1061–73 Alexander II Anselm 'of Baggio' [near Milan]
1061–1064: [Honorius (II)] Peter Cadalus (German descent) Antipope in opposition to Alexander II. Born 1009/10; d. 1071/2)
1073–85 Gregory VII Hildebrand Tuscan Canonized: "Acknowledged generally as one of the greatest popes and most impressive figures of the medieval world" Kelly & Walsh 2010. Born c. 1020
1080; 1084-1100 [Clement (III)] Guibert (of Canossa) Antipope: Henry IV of Germany had him elected in opposition to Gregory VII (consecrated 1084; d. 1100)
1086–7 Victor III Desiderius, (orig. Daufer/Daufari) Abbot of Monte Cassino
Related to D.s of Benevento
Blessed, the rank in the canon below that of Saint
1088–99 Urban II Odo (Eudes) French Blessed, the rank in the canon below that of Saint
1099–1118 Paschal II Rainerius (Romagna)
1100–01 [Theoderic] (?) Roman; Bp of Albano Antipope in opposition to Paschal II
1101 [Albert (Adalbert)] Antipope, in opposition to Pascal II (below); died imprisoned in a monastery
1105–11 [Silvester IV] Maginulf, (archpriest of S. Angelo) Antipope in opposition to Paschal II
1118–19 Gelasius II John of Gaeta
1118–21 [Gregory (VIII)] Maurice Bourdin (French) Antipope in opposition to Gelasius. Born Limoges
1119–24 Callistus II Son of Count William of Burgundy Burgundian Born in Franche Comté c. 1050
1124–30 Honorius II Lamberto Scannabecchi (Bolognese)
1124 [Celestine (II)] Teobaldo Antipope in opposition to Nonorius II. Elected 15th, resigned 16th Dec. 1124: d. 1125 or 6
1130–43 Innocent II Gregorio Roman: (family name, Papareschi, later - from 'papa' In schism with Anacletus II.
1130–38 [Anacletus II] Pietro (Cardinal of Sta Maria in Trastevere) Pierleoni Antipope (disputed) at time of Innocent III' (below)
1138 [Victor IV #1] Gregorio Conti (Frosinone) Antipope in opposition to Innocent II; succeeded antipope Anacletus II. Only 'reigned' Jan-May.
1143–4 Celestine II Guido of Città di Castello, in Umbria
1144–5 Lucius II Gherardo Caccianemici (Lombard
1145–53 Eugene/Eugenius III Bernardo Pignatelli Blessed, the rank in the canon below that of Saint. Born at Pisa in 1128.
1153–4 Anastasius IV Roman; Corrado
1154–9 Hadrian IV Nicholas Breakspear, son of Richard Born c. 1100; the only English pope
1159–81 Alexander III Orlando (Roland), son of Ranuccio Bandinelli Born at Siena c. 1100
1159–64 [Victor IV #2] Ottaviano of Monticelli (Sabina) Antipope in opposition to Alexander III
1164–8 [Paschal III] Guido of Crema Antipope in opposition to Alexander III.
1168–78 [Callistus (III)] Giovanni Antipope; Frederick Barbarossa's candidate against Alexander III. Submitted 1178; d. before 1184.
1179–80 [Innocent (III)] Lando Lombard Antipope in opposition to Alexander III.
1181-5 Lucius III Ubaldo Allucingoli (Tuscan). Born c. 1110 at Lucca,
1185–7 Urban III Umberto Crivelli (Milanese)
1187 Gregory VIII Alberto de Morra , Campania (Italy) Born c. 1110 at Benevento,
1187–91 Clement III Paolo Scolari (Roman)
1191–8 Celestine III Giacinto Bobo (Boboni, later Orsini) family Born c. 1105, elected at 85
1198–1216 Innocent III Lotario son of count of Segni Born 1160/61
1216–27 Honorius III Censio Savelli
1227–41 Gregory IX Ugo or Ugolino Nephew of Innocent III; son of count of Segni Born c.1170
1241 Celestine IV Goffredo da Castiglione Died within days of election.
1243–54 Innocent IV Sinibaldo Fieschi (Genoese) son of Count Hugo of Lavagna
1254–61 Alexander IV Rinaldo son of Philip count of Ienne
1261–4 Urban IV Jacques Pantaléon (French) Patriarch of Jerusalem
1265–8 Clement IV Guy Foucois (French) Born c. 1195
1271–6 Gregory X Tedaldo Visconti Blessed, the rank in the canon below that of Saint. Nobly born c. 1210 at Piacenza
1276 Innocent V Pierre 'of Tarentaise' (French) Blessed, the rank in the canon below that of Saint. Born c. 1224,
1276 Hadrian V Ottobono Fieschi (Genoese) Born c. 1205. Not a priest, nor consecrated as Pope
1276–7 John XXI Pedro Julião (better known as Peter of Spain); Portuguese Born (son of a doctor) 1210/20
1277–80 Nicholas III Giovanni Gaetano Orsini Born 1210/20
1281–5 Martin IV Simon de Brie, or Brion; French Born between 1210 and 20
1285–7 Honorius IV Giacomo Savelli (Roman); grand-nephew of Honorius III Born 1210
1288–92 Nicholas IV Girolamo Masci (Italian) Franciscan friar, born 1227
1294 Celestine V Pietro del Morrone Hermit (peasant stock); elected after stalemate. Canonized (St Peter Celestine); only Pope to abdicate voluntarily.
1294–1303 Boniface VIII Benedetto Caetani. Born c. 1235
1303–4 Benedict XI Niccolò Boccasino Blessed, the rank in the canon below that of Saint. Born at Treviso in 1240
1305–14 Clement V Bertrand de Got. A Gascon (French) First Avignon Pope. Born c. 1250
1316–34 John XXII Jacques Duèse (French) Avignon Pope. Born at Cahors c. 1244
1328-1330 [Nicholas V] Pietro Rainalducci (Southern Italian) Antipope in opposition to John XXII. Franciscan. "he seems to have been a harmless person of little importance" (Kelly & Walsh 2010). D. 1333
1334–42 Benedict XII Jacques Fournier Avignon Pope. French; born c. 1280–85
1342–52 Clement VI Pierre son of Guillaume Roger (French) Avignon Pope.
1352–62 Innocent VI Étienne Aubert (French) Avignon Pope.
1362–70 Urban V Guillaume de Grimoard (French) Avignon Pope - the last to die there. Blessed, the rank in the canon below that of Saint. B. c. 1310
1370–78 Gregory XI Pierre Roger de Beaufort (French) Avignon Pope who returned to Rome in 1377. Born c. 1330
1378-1389 Urban VI Bartolomeo Prignano (Neapolitan) Born c. 1318. The cause of the Great (Western) Schism.
1378–94 [Clement (VII)] Robert son of count of Geneva Antipope in opposition to Urban IV: first of the the antipopes of the Great (Western) Schism.
1389–1404 Boniface IX Pietro Tomacelli Born c. 1350 at Naples
1394–1417 [Benedict (XIII)] Pedro de Luna (Spanish) Antipope in opposition to Boniface IX; ; born c. 1342/3; died 1423
1404–6 Innocent VII Cosimo Gentile de' Migliorati Born c. 1336 at Sulmona, in the Abruzzi,
1406–15 Gregory XII Angelo Correr; Venetian Born c. 1325
1409–10 [Alexander V] Pietro (Peter of Candia) Philarghi antipope in opposition to both Gregory XII and Antipope Benedict XIII (below): "some historians give him the compromise description of 'council pope'" (Kelly & Walsh 2010)
1410–15 [John (XXIII)] Baldassare Cossa (Neapolitan) Antipope in opposition to Gregory XII & Benedict XIII. Abdicated 1415; died 1419
1417–31 Martin V Oddo Colonna. Italian Born 1368,
1423–9 [Clement (VIII)] Gil Sanchez Muñoz y Carbón (Spanish) Antipope in opposition to Martin V. Born c. 1360, d, 1446
1425–?1430 [Benedict (XIV)] #1 Bernard Garnier Antipope in opposition to Clement VIII; very obscure.
1431–47 Eugene/Eugenius IV Gabriele Condulmaro (Venetian) Born c.1383
1439–49 [Felix V]] Amadeus Duke of Savoy Antipope in opposition to Eugene IV and Nicholas V, in favour of whom he abdicated
Born Chambéry 1383; d. 1451. Last Antipope.
1447–55 Nicholas V Tommaso Parentucelli (Ligurian)
1455–8 Callistus III Alfonso de Borja or Borgia Born in Valencia, 1378
1458–64 Pius II Enea Silvio Piccolomini Born 1405 near Siena
1464–71 Paul II Pietro Barbo (Venetian) Born 1417, nephew of Eugene IV
1471–84 Sixtus IV Francesco della Rovere (Ligurian) Born 1414. Builder & namer of the Sistine Chapel
1484–92 Innocent VIII Giovanni Battista Cibò. Son of a Roman, born at Genoa 1432
1492–1503 Alexander VI Rodrigo de Borja y Borja Borgia
1503 PiusIII Francesco Todeschini (later Piccolomini) Born at Siena in 1439; nephew of Pius II. Ruled 10 days
1503–13 Julius II Giuliano della Rovere (Italian) Born 1443. Il Terribile: warlike and temporal. Michelangelo's patron.
1513–21 Leo X Giovanni de' Medici; son of Lorenzo the Magnificent Born 1475. His extravagance, + building St Peter's, led to sale of indulgences, and helped spark the Reformation.
1522–3 Hadrian VI Adrian Florensz Dedal (or Boeyens) (Dutch) Last non-Italian Pope before John Paul II
1523–34 Clement VII Giulio de' Medici, bastard of Giuliano and nephew of Lorenzo the Magnificent Born at Florence 1479
1534–49 Paul III Alessandro Farnese (Latian) Born 1468
1550–55 Julius III Giovanni Maria Ciocchi del Monte (Roman) Born 1487. Patron of Michelangelo, Palestrina and the Jesuits.
1555 Marcellus II Marcello (personal & regnal) Cervini (Italian) Born 1501
1555–9 Paul IV Giampietro II Carafa (Campanian) Born 1476.
1559–65 PiusIV Giovanni Angelo Medici (not a Florentine Medici) Born at Milan 1499
1566–72 Pius V Michele (Dom. name)
(born Antonio)
Ghislieri Canonized. Born 1504; a shepherd until he became a Dominican at 14.
1572–85 Gregory XIII Ugo Boncompagni (Lombard) Born at Bologna on 1 Jan. 1502. Introduced the Gregorian calendar in 1582
1585–90 Sixtus V Felice Peretti Born 1520. The instigator of the Sistine Vulgate
1590 Urban VII Giambattista Castagna Roman (Genoese father). Born 1521
1590–91 Gregory XIV Niccolò Sfondrati (Milanese) Born 1535
1591 Innocent IX Giovanni Antonio Fachinetti (Bolognese) Born 1519 at Bologna
1592–1605 Clement VIII Ippolito Aldobrandini Born at Fano 1536. The instigator of the Clementine Vulgate
1605 Leo XI Alessandro Ottaviano de' Medici Born 1535. Devout Pope supporting Tridentine reforms
1605–21 Paul V Camillo Borghese (Roman) Born 1552
1621–3 Gregory XV Alessandro Ludovisi Born at Bologna, 1554
1623–44 Urban VIII Maffeo Barberini: Florentine Born 1568
1644–55 Innocent X Giambattista Pamphili (Roman) Born 1574. His portrait by Velásquez was an inspiration to Francis Bacon's 'Screaming Popes' paintings.
1655–67 Alexander VII Fabio Chigi Born 1599 at Siena
1667–9 Clement IX Giulio Rospigliosi Born 1600
1670–76 Clement X Emilio Altieri Born in Rome 1590
1676–89 Innocent XI Benedetto Odescalchi Blessed, the rank in the canon below that of Saint. Born at Como on 19 May 1611
1689–91 Alexander VIII Pietro Ottoboni born at Venice, 1610
1691–1700 Innocent XII Antonio Pignatelli Born in Naples 1615,
1700–21 Clement XI Giovanni Francesco \ Born at Urbino 1649
1721–4 Innocent XIII Michelangelo dei Conti Son of duke of Poli; born there 1655
1724–30 Benedict XIII Pietro Francesco Orsini
1730–40 Clement XII Lorenzo Corsini (Florentine Born 1652
1740–58 Benedict XIV Prospero Lorenzo Lambertini Born 1675
1758–69 Clement XIII Carlo della Torre Rezzonico Born at Venice 1693
1769–74 Clement XIV Giovanni Vincenzo Antonio
(Franciscan, named Fr Lorenzo
1775–99 Pius VI Giovanni Angelo Braschi Born in Emilia, 1717. Died in exile from the Napoleonic Roman Republic in 1799.
1800–23 Pius VII Luigi Barnabà (born)
Gregorio (Ben. name)
Chiaramonte Born in Emilia, 1742 (like his relative Pius VI; Benedictine
1823–9 Leo XII Annibale Sermattei della Genga (Umbrian) Born 1760
1829–30 Pius VIII Francesco Saverio Castiglione Born near Ancona 1761
1831–46 Gregory XVI Bartolomeo Alberto Cappellari (Venetian) Born 1765: monastic name Mauro
1846–78 Pius IX Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti Blessed, the rank in the canon below that of Saint. Born Ancona, 1792. Driven from Rome in 1848, returning in 1850, by the third Roman Republic (1849)
1878–1903 Leo XIII Gioacchino Vincenzo Pecci Born 1810
1903–14 Pius X Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto Canonized. Born Upper Venetia, 1835
1914–22 Benedict XV Giacomo Della Chiesa Born 1854.
1922–39 Pius XI Ambrogio Damiano Achille Ratti Born 1857 near Milan
1939–58 Pius XII Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli Born in Rome 1876. Strove for peace in WWII, but attacked for not working against the Holocaust, e.g. in Hochhuth's play Der Stellvertreter ("The Representative") of 1963
1958–63 John XXIII Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli (Italian) Blessed, the rank in the canon below that of Saint. Born 1881
1963–78 Paul VI Giovanni Battista Montini (Lombard) Born 1897
1978 John Paul I Albino Luciani (Italian) Born 1912, "God's candidate": 1st working-class pope since early years. Reigned just over a month.
1978–2005 John Paul II Karol Wojtyla (Polish) 1st non-Italian (1st Slav) pope since Hadrian VI (1522)
2005–2013 Benedict XVI Josef Ratzinger (German) Resigned (first Pope to do so for 500 yrs). Born 1927
2013 Francis Jorge Maria Bergoglio (Argentinian) His current (2014) Holiness. 1st South American Pope

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