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The term Research Team refers to the people who have been actively engaged on Peter Wilson's research. The University of Hull awarded him a Fellowship with which to develop the project which has now become this guide, and this was used to engage the first guinea pigs to test the project. In its first incarnation, it was a series of files in Microsoft Word. The members of the Research Team worked hard on reading and amending these. They then undertook much of the effort in translating them into the MediaWiki form which you are now reading. In the course of doing this, they have done more editing, some for technical reasons, some because they could do it better, and some because they suggested things that had not yet occurred to the originator.

The Research Team has included the following:

Patrick Lynch, of the University of Hull's e-learning team, has been invaluable in getting the project's software off the ground - and giving the writers the confidence to use it, and use it better.

If you are interested in taking a more active part in this project, see Contribute to AWE.