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School[s] is one of the 117 mis-spellings listed as 'Common difficulties' in the section on 'Spelling' within 'Writing' in UEfAP.

In every sense and word class, the initial letters of school are s-, -c- and -h-.

The same is true of such related words as scholar (AWE also has a page on a near-homophone at scholar - squalor), scholarship, scholastic, etc.

It may help you to remember this if you know that the root of 'school' is the Greek σχολή, which uses the letter chi, transliterated as 'ch-'.

The fictional schoolboy Nigel Molesworth recounted some of his experiences in the book Down with Skool. This mis-spelling is part of Geoffrey Willans' satire of primary children. DO NOT REPEAT IT!

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