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This is a list of people who have been married to the various monarchs who ruled over Scotland before the Union of the crowns in 1603. They are mostly Queens, because the male has always preceded the female in the succession. AWE does not pretend to an accurate use of the word 'consort', which has certain legal and constitutional implications: we use the loose meaning 'spouse', or 'person legally married to the king (or Queen) during a reign, without themselves being rulers'. AWE also has an alphabetical list at Scottish royal consorts by name .

This list will be of little use to those writing history essays. It is intended to give a description of each consort in one or two sentences, for the convenience of those (mostly non-historians) who come across a date or other reference and wishes to find an answer to "When was this?" quickly. For this reason, the articles on names used by more than one monarch, such as James I and James VI etc, contain enough material to distinguish between the different holders. There are also articles that group the members of the various dynasties, or royal families, that have ruled in the British Isles.

Consorts will be listed in different ways, to enable different kinds of searching. If you know

Various sub-groups should become available in time, such as British consorts called Mary, which should help readers of AWE to track down which 'Queen Mary' may be being referred to in a work of general history, or fiction, etc.

! dates of spouse's reign Nome of consort years (birth-death) of consort Name of monarch year of marriage Dynasty Notes Links
1040–1057? Gruoch  ? pre-1020–1057 ? Macbeth  ? c. 1020 Moray Widow of Macbeth's cousin Gille Comgáin, the killer of Macbeth's father Findlaech
& himself killed by Macbeth 1032
1054-1093 Ingibjorg (d. c.1067) Malcolm III (Canmore) c. 1060 First wife
1054-1093 (Saint) Margaret d. 1093 Malcolm III (Canmore) 1069 or 1070 Second wife
1093-4 Ethelreda (Octreda) Duncan II  ?1072?
1107-1124 Sybilla d. 1122 Alexander I uncertain Illegitimate daughter of Henry I of England
1124-1131 Maud (Matilda) de Senlis d. 1131 David I 1113 David's sister, also Maud (Matilda) was married to Henry I of England
1165–1214 Ermengarde (de Beaumont) d. 1233 William 'the Lion' 1186
1221–38 Joan, daughter of John of England 1210–1238 Alexander II 1221 1st consort
1239–49 Marie (Marie de Coucy) d. 1284 Alexander II 1239 2nd consort
1249-1286 Margaret 'of England', daughter of Henry III of England 1240–1275 Alexander III 1251 1st consort
1249-1286 Yolande d. in or after 1324 Alexander III 1285 2nd consort
1306–1327 Elizabeth (de Burgh) d. 1327 Robert I, 'the Bruce' 1302 Bruce
1329–62 Joan [Joan 'of the Tower' 1321–1362 David II 1328 Bruce 1st consort
1329–62 Margaret (Drummond) d. in or after 1374 David II  ? 1363 Bruce 2nd consort. Aunt of Annabella, consort of Robert III
1371–1388/9 Euphemia née Ross widow of 3rd Earl of Moray in or before 1329?, d. 1388/9 Robert II in or after 1355 Stewart 2nd wife, only Queen
1390-1406 Annabella Drummond d. 1401 Robert III 1336 or 1337 Stewart Niece of Margaret (nee Drummond), divorced consort of David II
1424-1437 Joan Beaufort d. 1445 James I (of Scotland) 1424 Stewart grand-daughter of both Henry V and John of Gaunt Joans
1437-1460 Mary 'of Gueldres' died 1463 James II of Scotland 1449 Stewart Niece of Philip 'the Good' of Burgundy Marys
1480-1488 Margaret 'of Denmark' (1456/7?–1486) 1469 James III 1469 Stewart dowry included Orkneys & Shetlands Margarets
1488-1513 Margaret Tudor 1489-1541 James IV of Scotland 1503 Stewart eldest daughter of Henry VII of England; source of Union of the Crowns Margarets
1513-1542 Madeleine 'of Valois' 1520–1537 James V of Scotland 1537 Stewart 1st wife
daughter of François I of France
1513-1542 (2) Mary 'of Guise' 1515–1560 James V of Scotland 1538 Stewart 2nd wife
daughter of Duke of Guise, widow of Louis of Orleans