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The adjective sedulous means 'hard-working', 'conscientious', 'keen', 'diligent'.

When speaking carefully in RP, pronounce this 'SED-you-less' IPA: /ˈsɛd jʊ (or ə)l əs/; the tendency in rapid less formal speech (and in regular General American) is to realize it as 'sedge-you (or er)-less, /ˈsɛdʒ əl əs/.

Etymological note: sedulous is not formed with the diminutive suffix -cule. It began as the Old Latin sē dolō 'without guile', hence 'honestly', 'whole-heartedly', 'conscientiously'. This became sēdulus, 'eager', 'zealous', in classical Latin and sedulous in English.