Stupid question

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"The only really stupid question for a student is the one you don't ask."

The wisdom of this is to remind students that they should be inquiring and trying to find out. If you do not know something that you need to know in your studies, you need to know it. So take steps to find it out - ask! Don't be inhibited or shy: students should remeber that they are studying BECAUSE THEY ARE IGNORANT. Teachers, by and large, know this, and wish to help their students out of their state of ignorance. It may be helpful to remember the gratitude with which other members of a class often greet the student who asks the question that all the other members of the class have shrunk from asking.

Of course, you ask a question which has already been asked four times in the class, it will be a miracle if your teacher responds with calm patience! Studying requires you to take responsibility for your learning. You don't always have to ask a teacher: it may be very productive to ask another student. Pool your knowledge. You may also pool your ignorance, so that you can formulate a better question of benefit to both of you).

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