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Joachim - there should in due course be an article on shifting stress between noun and verb (as in REcord and reCORD, REfuse and reFUSE, INcrease and incREASE, and other pairs - I think there's a list somewhere; can't think where: Quirk says "A fairly numerous set of words that can operate without affixal change as noun or adjective on the one hand, and as verb on the other, have a stress difference in the two functions, listing attribute, conduct, contrast, convict, present and perfect; and adds export. These should be written up sometime. The article hasn't been written; but there seems to be room for another smallish sub-category here - only I can't think what category it is sub- of. Simply category:pronunciation perhaps?

Writing up each word is a kids' job, perhaps - if I have any ever again! (Last grant application - to the innovations fund - was turned down because "It's not an innovation any longer". Which is quite encouraging, in a way; but brings no cash.

On your article itself (Word class confusion): I'd leave cryptic crosswords out. I(t's an unnecessary complication for foreign learners, who may be the most in need of this particular advice4. Would you like to write an article on them anyway? - perhaps summarising Girl in Crimson Rose (8)? At thew very least, we should have a page defining the cryptic crossword, and maybe a disambig for cryptic itself? Arabs can't have them, because of the writing system. Largely.

PeterWilson 16:26, 28 June 2007 (BST)

and not: