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This is a bibliography page, concerning a work to which reference is made elsewhere in this guide.

Fowler, H. W. and F. G. (1931), The King's English (3rd edition), Oxford, Oxford University Press.
    • The first edition appeared in 1906. The 2nd (1907) and 3rd (1931 editions were reprinted many times. A text of the second edition is available on line at [[1]] (accessed 12/01/2008). An abridged edition appeared in 1908.
H.W. Fowler (the initials stand for Henry Watson) became the renowned author of A Dictionary of Modern English Usage, often referred to simply as 'Fowler'. A memoir of him, H. W. Fowler, was written by his friend G.G. Coulton and published as tract 43 of the Society for Pure English in 1943 (Clarendon). There is also a more recent full-length life, The Warden of English: the life of H. W. Fowler, by Jenny MacMorris (O.U.P, 2001). He lived from 1858 to 1933.
After the publication of The King's English, his younger brother, Francis George Fowler, worked with him on [[The Concise Oxford Dictionary (COD) of 1911. F.G. ('Frank') died in 1918 of tuberculosis contracted during war service in France, leaving H.W. to write A Dictionary of Modern English Usage, (1926).