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'To thrive' is an irregular verb. Its forms are given here:

Base form past tense -ed participle Remarks
thrive thrived or throve thrived or thriven thriven is archaic (Quirk 1985)
This is one of the "the 250 or so irregular verbs" listed in Quirk 1985. The list "contains most of the irregular verbs in present-day English ... but is not meant to be exhaustive, particularly with regard to derivative verbs." AWE has copied most of the entries in that list. The verb 'to thrive' belongs to Quirk's Class 4 E
The etymology of this verb given in OED says that throve is the latest form of the past tense, and thrived of the past participle. (Many others have existed.) Although Fowler, 1926 reports the OED as giving "throve, thriven, as the past & p.p., but allow[ing] thrived for either", by the time of the 3rd edition, Burchfield was reporting "The pa. t. is either thrived or throve, and the pa. pple either thriven or thrived. At present, thrived seems to be the more usual form for both parts." AWE's advice is to use whichever you feel comfortable with - unless you know that your teacher, or other reader, has a marked preference for one over the other.