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Peter Wilson is the first developer and current editor in charge of the Awe project. (No; it's not a good name. Please suggest another.) He writes:

I have worked in education in England for over 50 years, first as a student and then as a teacher. I was educated until I was 13 years old in Scotland, and then moved to finish my secondary schooling in England. I owe an enormous amount to my sixth form English teacher, David Alban (1917-2019), who planted one of the germs of the current idea in my head around 50 years ago. It has been a long time coming to fruition.

My teaching was in secondary schools for many years. I taught English Language and English Literature to all ages between 11 and 18. I ended my career in that sector in a Sixth Form College in Hull, where I was Head of English, and later Head of the Arts Faculty. I then taught some EFL, which introduced me to Hull University, where I joined the staff in 2001. I then worked there as an adviser in the Study Advice Service, helping students with their difficulties in writing English. These students included both those whose first language is not English, who therefore have the difficulty of making themselves clear in a foreign language and culture; and native students who can struggle to express themselves clearly and acceptably in the formal English required for Higher Education. I was made to retire in 2009, on attaining the age of 65.

My varied professional experiences equipped me make a start on the current Awe project. It was first supported by a 'University Teaching Fellowship' from the University of Hull, which generously funded the first installation of the wiki software and paid for some data input by students from my original Word files. The 'big idea' behind AWE is using the power of the computer, and the mediawiki software that powers wikipedia, to make a Guide to English that is easier to use than any book. I have always found books of style interesting (some might say that this shows how boring English teachers must be), but they can be very hard to use.

I was born in Edinburgh (in Scotland) in 1944. I have an M.A. from Cambridge University. I am married, and we have four children. My wife and I also have six grand-children.