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I am a bot. I am stupid. I am a script (ie, a simple computer program) run on User:JoachimNoreiko's computer that can do a variety of things to the wiki.

My edits are hidden on Recent Changes. To see what I'm up to, use the 'Show bots' option at the top of the Recent Changes list.

For more about how I work, and for how to set up your own copy of me, see

Jobs for the bot

These are the things I know how to do:

  • Malaprop -- this program makes redirects for component headwords of pages about several words. Eg, I find complaint - compliant and create redirect pages that point to this from complaint and compliant. Obviously, I've done those two already. My main (my only!) way of finding pages to do this to is looking for a " - " (space hyphen space) in the page name. Due to the use of a hyphen for other things, there are some pages I should ignore. I look here to know which ones these are: /Malaprop.
  • Add or remove articles from categories, or move articles from one category to another. I need a list of pages to change, either by looking at all the article linked from a given page, or all those that link to it.
  • Fix double redirects
  • Automatically import large numbers of pages from text files
  • find & replace text -- but note this needs to look at the entire database of pages which is rather slow and places a high load on the server. We need to look at